Anthony Francis Lombardi




Anthony holds a B.Ed. Bachelor’s degree in Education from Concordia University and a M.Ed. Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Université de Montréal. Fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish, Anthony has a thirst for languages and a passion for culture.

From 2007 on, Anthony embarked on his journey as a professional in the world of education, teaching languages, communication, career education and translation to teenage and adult students. Having held various leadership positions within the public education system, he has led committees, special projects and the administration of an inner-city high school.

In 2012, Anthony began to devote his time to strengthening support systems available to gender and sexually diverse communities. He began as listener for a help and information line, Interligne, moving on to initiate the organisation’s English Services Strategic Development Committee in 2014. Finally, Anthony served as Vice-President of Service Support from 2017-2020 during which he led training sessions in Quebec and Ontario which centred on developing active listening skills geared at educators, school and school board administrators, professionals in STEM and Law. He has also facilitated workshops about gender and sexually diverse realities to students and school staff around Quebec.

In June of 2020, as a member of HPV Global Action, he began as Diversity and Inclusion officer. Now, Anthony devotes his passion for the mission full-time as Chief Operations Officer.