Gervais Fournier



With a rich experience of over forty-five years in the field of management, Gervais Fournier is the organization’s Financial Affairs Officer. He has served for seventeen years as Vice President, Finance and Controller for a subsidiary of Québécor Inc. and Editions Les éditions Le Nordais Ltée, international and national scale businesses. Subsequently, he served for two years as Vice President of Operations for a brokerage-consulting firm in financial strategy, and for eight years as Senior Executive Director of Transcontinental Media, a division magazine, with over 50 magazines (French and English) and 200 million in annual revenue.

He founded in 1991 the GFC Group Conseils firm. His experience lies in personal financial planning, strategic planning, conflict management, restructuring, recovery, and corporate merger. In short, all areas related to financial management for both the company and the individual, and especially corporate editions of magazines and newspapers.

For the past 10 years, Gervais Fournier mostly spends his time in management and accounting for non-profit organizations (NPO), Wills and Trusts. He also acts as a director for several of these organizations.