Ghislain Sangwa-Lugoma


Dr. Ghislain Sangwa-Lugoma (GSL) is a gynecologist-obstetrician by training. In addition to medical practice, his professional experience includes research in cancer epidemiology, training of healthcare professionals, academic management, and healthcare services planning.

His interest in cervical cancer prevention dates back to his years of clinical practice and specialization in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where due to a lack of prevention programs, the diagnosis of cervical cancer is often late. To help address this scourge, GSL has decided to focus its career on cancer prevention. Through his postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Oncology at McGill University and the Department of Gynecology-Oncology at the Centre Hospital-Universitaire de l’Université de Montréal, he acquired the clinical skills required for cervical cancer prevention and the knowledge necessary for the validation of cervical cancer screening methods. As a result, he was able to carry out one of the few cervical cancer screening campaigns conducted among the general population in the DRC.

In addition, GSL has worked in the academic field, as an instructor and program manager in the DRC (University of Kinshasa) and in Canada (University of Alberta). He is currently Director of Knowledge Development and Organizational Performance at the Eastern Ontario Health Services Network and sits on the Board of Directors of the Institut du Savoir Montfort – Monfort Hospital (Ottawa, Canada).