Roger Simard


A pharmacist by training, Roger Simard rapidly veered towards the business world. He was a pharmaceutical representative, then Sales Manager at Genentech, the first biotechnology company to launch a recombinant-DNA therapeutic on the market. At the beginning of the Internet in 1995, he co-founded Conceptis Technologies, the company that launched the first interactive online medical education program in 1998. In 1999, Roger founded the portal with Dr. Eric Topol, the author of “The creative destruction of medicine”, “The patient will see you now”, and “Deep Medicine”. After selling the company to WebMD in 2005, Roger re-certified as a clinical pharmacist and founded Pharmacy 3.0 in 2014 to harness the potential of connected health, pharmacogenomics, and pharmaceutical care. He was the first pharmacist to remotely monitor seniors using wearables and connected health devices paired to an electronic dashboard in 2015.

Today, Roger advises public and private organizations – including the Canadian Red Cross and the World Health Organization (WHO) – on health and innovations. He is a speaker at various conferences and writes a technology intelligence report on digital health.