Samantha Milton


In 2019, two weeks before her 30th Birthday, Samantha was diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

After multiple failed attempts to have her IUD removed, she was sent for an ultrasound and MRI which resulted in the discovery of a 4cm tumour on her cervix (lodging the IUD in place) and a nearby lymph node tumour twice the size. With a history of normal paps and no side effects, she felt blindsided. 

January 2020, after 9 months of aggressive treatment, Samantha was given the news that there was no more evidence of disease however, she is still battling chronic side effects from treatment.

From her experience, she was shocked at how little she knew about HPV, pap tests, and the vaccine. She was even more disappointed when she realized how little knowledge most healthcare providers had too.

Since then, she has committed herself to sharing her story and educating others in hopes that no one else has to endure what she has. After recently losing a close friend to the same disease, it has only fuelled her passion more. She wants to see change and end cervical cancer.