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  • Most people still believe that being diagnosed with HIV is a death sentence. This could not be farther from the truth. In the past decades, HIV treatment has changed a lot. Today, people living with HIV can live healthy lives.

  • Hovering over us every day is a thick cloud of social pollution – these preconceived notions about sexuality and gender. Just like any other pollutant that, if not eliminated, ends up destroying whatever pristine environment is in its path, if these preconceived notions go unchallenged and uncorrected, they will erase any hope we have of establishing a peaceful society that is free from the pain of injustice and discrimination. So, offered below is some basic information that I hope will help us begin to re-examine our current relationship with diversity and be more inclusive in the way we see our relationship to each other.

  • In the last few years the Internet has been filled with frustrated people (mostly men), because they were “friendzoned” by the person they like (mostly women), even though they’re “just so nice”! So why is linking the concepts of friend zoning and being nice so harmful?

  • Jane’s story #HPVPW17 /

    I am 68, sexually active, and use protection. I believe that whether you’re 13, 43 or 73, one’s sexual health is just as important a factor of our overall health as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are.

  • The reason for this epidemic is simple: college administrators don’t want to report sexual assaults because the statistics are bad for the college’s reputation.

  • Happy Galentine’s Day! /

    I am completely and totally indifferent to Valentine’s Day. I won’t lie, I’ve usually been single on that day every year, but I am fine with it. There is however one thing I dislike about Valentine’s Day and that is the “single shaming”.

  • What a girl wants /

    I love the music group The Lonely Island. The trio is formed by Akiva Schaffer , Andy Samberg  and Jorma Taccone . Their music is a mixture of hip-hop, rap and humor. Their songs, for example, poke fun at stereotypes of hip-hop or popular culture in addition to male sexual dysfunctions.

  • Is it love? /

    When we go into schools, we invite students to submit questions about sexual health by putting them in a box. We then take time at the end of our presentation to answer as many of them as we can. The ones that we can’t get to, we answer through social media, sometimes through Instagram, and sometimes through a blog entry such as this one. Several students have voiced their concerns over how to know when you are in love, or how to know when you have found the right person.

  • «When we use a condom, I feel like we’re not as close» Does protecting yourself mean you’re less intimate with your partner?

  • Stonewall? /

    For a lot of the population, the word Stonewall probably doesn’t mean much, but that is all about to change with the upcoming movie “Stonewall”. Unfortunately, their recollection of the historical riots will not be accurate and credit will not be given to whom it is due. That’s right; Hollywood is bringing us yet another whitewashed1 version of true events.